They’re here when we need them most.

ECU Health Chief Nursing Executive Trish Baise talks with a team of nurses in a patient's room.

We couldn’t serve eastern North Carolina without the incredible 4,000+ nurses across the ECU Health system. ECU Health is also proud to support more than 300 nursing leaders, 200 advance practice providers and 100 international nurses caring for patients in the East. While we recognize their efforts and sacrifices each day, we’re excited to spend this week celebrating nurses in different ways. This year, we celebrate and honor nurses throughout May with local pop-up events, blessing of the hands events, virtual yoga, special treats in the cafés and more.

Below, you’ll find a message from ECU Health Chief Nursing Executive Trish Baise, a selection of stories from ECU Health nurses and more information on ECU Health nursing’s special programs. If you’re interested in joining ECU Health’s many other incredible nurses, visit our Nursing Careers page.

From Chief Nursing Executive Trish Baise

Dear nurses and nursing support team members,

Over the last three months, it has been a privilege to get to know you – the nurses of ECU Health – as I’ve visited our acute care environments and interacted with a number of ambulatory care teams. The level of nursing care that you provide is inspiring. Every day, we make a difference in the lives of the people of eastern North Carolina.

As nurses, you demonstrate the mission, vision and values of ECU Health by offering the best care for the most vulnerable population around the clock. While you may not always realize it, the impact you have on each of your patients and their families goes far beyond any one moment in time. Your kindness, your care, your support – it stays with them, often for a lifetime, making a difference in the lives of generations to come.

I’m honored to have the opportunity to represent such an incredible group of nurses. Together we will continue to build upon what it means to be an ECU Health nurse and become a national model for nursing excellence. I am committed to helping you reach your potential by focusing on your well-being and by continuing to create an environment where you can grow, innovate and thrive professionally and personally.

During National Nurses Week and every week, I want you to take the time to celebrate each and every one of you. Nursing is the backbone of patient care and achieving our mission would be impossible without you. Thank you for your compassion, commitment to excellence and all you do for your patients and their families every day.

Happy National Nurses Week – you are truly remarkable!

Trish Baise, DNP, RN, NEA-BC
Chief Nursing Executive

Nurses of ECU Health

Each nurse at ECU Health has a special story about their journey to the health system. Below, we’ve selected some stories to highlight from our People of ECU Health series. Hear from some of ECU Health’s inspiring nurses!

Nurse Suzanne Foster leans against a nurses station in the MICU, smiling with a mask on.
Nurse Shannon Moore poses for a photo in the doorway of an empty patient room, smiling with a mask on.
ECU Health nurse Rhianon Brock assists a mother while she feeds her newborn baby.

Suzanne Foster

Suzanne Foster, RN, shared why she loves being part of the Travel Staffing Program at ECU Health Medical Center.

“I’ve worked in critical care since 2015 in a small town and at the time I wanted a change. I wanted to experience a different level of patient care. I went from a small town hospital to a much larger hospital, a tertiary care referral center. Initially I felt like a fish out of water. Over time I adjusted and now I love it. My experience working with the team has been amazing. Critical care nurses are all cut from the same cloth — we band together quickly and easily. Every unit I work on at the medical center is welcoming and easy to navigate. It’s been wonderful! The level at which the nurses at ECU Health operate is amazing.”

Shannon Moore

Shannon Moore, RN, BSN, assistant nurse manager in the emergency department at ECU Health Medical Center, shared her reason for choosing nursing as a career and why she loves working with patients.

“It started in the first grade—I became citizen of the week and I had to write a report about myself. I wrote that I wanted to be a nurse. From that moment in time, it stuck with me. I grew up watching several medical shows on television and I loved to watch the episodes with babies. I don’t have any nurses in my immediate family but watching the shows on TV ignited my passion. I can’t imagine working in another field—this is my calling.”

Rhianon “Rhi” Brock

Rhianon “Rhi” Brock is a dedicated NICU nurse at the James & Connie Maynard Children’s Hospital who has a passion for putting patients first.

“Everyone works together to care for our patients and everyone has the same goal. And just being here and learning so much because there’s so much to learn. And it’s not just one system, it’s all the systems. You also have congenital, afterbirth, and post-term events that can happen – you see all ranges. I’ve seen our tiniest patients fight, work hard and endure so much more than your biggest bodybuilder probably ever could in just six weeks of life. A few were born at 22 – 23 weeks gestation when they should have been inside for a quite a bit longer.”

ECU Health Nursing Programs

International Nurses

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