Finding physicians and services you trust and need for your patient’s best care.

At ECU Health, we believe the best possible care for the patients you serve happens only with a connected, team approach. So, we’ve made it easy for us to work together. Here, you can access tools to connect you with the right specialists and services in your area. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you.

Managing your Patient’s Hospital Care

Providers can manage patient transfers between facilities and stay involved in patients’ care through the ECU Health Patient Transfer Center. Your office can also access CareLink to see charts for patients admitted to our facilities.

Inpatient Transfers

When you call the Patient Transfer Center, available 24 hours a day, a registered nurse will help you refer your patient to the location that best meets his or her needs, close to home. Nurses triage your request with necessary physician consults to discuss your patient’s condition and coordinate a plan of care.

For the most efficient service, please provide the following information:

  • Requester’s name and contact number
  • Referring physician’s name, phone number and facility
  • Patient information:
    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • Diagnosis
    • Preferred method of transport
    • Level of care requested
    • Medical specialty being requested (cardiology, medicine, pediatrics, etc.)

Contact the ECU Health Patient Transfer Center at 1-800-816-7264 or 252-847-7777.

Direct Admit Process

To request a direct admit for your patient, call the ECU Health Patient Transfer Center at 252-847-7777. During the call, a Transfer Center nurse will request the following information:

  • Patient name
  • Date of birth
  • Diagnosis
  • Admitting physician
    • If you will not be admitting the patient to your own service, the Patient Transfer Center will find and connect you to the appropriate admitting service.
  • Level of care requested (general, intermediate or intensive care)
  • Call back name and telephone number
  • Phone number where the patient can be reached
  • Whether or not the patient will be going home to collect their belongings prior to coming to the hospital

Additionally, you will be asked to fax the patient demographic information to 252-847-0401. Once a bed is available, the Patient Transfer Center will call you or the patient (based on your preference) for notification that a bed is ready and at which hospital entrance to arrive.

MyVidant: Providers with EHR Access

If you are a credentialed ECU Health provider, you can access patients at MyECUHealth through Health Apps with your EHR log in. At your office or home, you can stay connected to your patient’s care while they are in one of our facilities through his or her EHR.


CareLink enables referring physicians and staff to easily access patient information and follow the progress of care delivered at ECU Health facilities. This web-based portal provides access to all medical records and ancillary services for patients referred by your practice. It facilitates communication among the care team and offers access to outpatient and inpatient notes, referral submission, scheduled patient appointments, medications and more.

Fetal Surveillance

Web Access –