Export items from ECU Health’s Lab Procedure Catalogue.

Medical laboratory

At ECU Health, we have College of American Pathologist (CAP) accredited and CLIA certified clinical laboratories that spans nine hospitals and includes a comprehensive point of care testing program along with many different clinics and physician offices. The hospitals include ECU Health Medical Center, ECU Health Edgecombe Hospital, ECU Health Bertie Hospital, ECU Health Chowan Hospital, ECU Health Roanoke-Chowan Hospital, ECU Health Duplin Hospital, ECU Health North Hospital and The Outer Banks Hospital. Our laboratories are capable of highly automated testing in hematology, flow cytometry, chemistry, microbiology, transfusion services and numerous subspecialty disciplines.

Click on the Test Files link for test IDs, the test names, test code/synonyms, collection requirements, shipping and handling instructions.

Click on the Lab Files link for test IDs, the authorized lab that can perform the test, the lab section, the acceptable container types, the default (most common) container type, the minimum volume of sample needed, the test turnaround time, and the test expiration time.

Click on the Orderable Files link for test procedure names, procedure codes or IDs, and default specimen types.

How to open a TSV File

1. Download and save the TSV files from the buttons above to your local computer.
2. Open Excel.
3. Click the “Data” tab.
4. Click “From Text” under the “Get External Data” ribbon.
5. In the “Import Text File” window make sure to select “All Files” in the dropdown beside the “File Name” box. This will ensure that Excel will see the file with the .TSV extension.
6. Find and Select the file you downloaded.
7. Make sure that “Delimited” is selected.
8. Check “My data has headers.”
9. Click “Next.”
10. Select “Tab” as the delimiter.
11. Click “Next.”
12. Click “Finish.”
13. Click “Ok” in the “Import Data” dialog box.