Find relief and healing with pain management services at ECU Health.

Everyone experiences pain at some point in life, whether it’s back pain or from a sports injury, traumatic injury, fibromyalgia or nerve damage from chronic diseases such as diabetes. Acute pain due to injury, illness or surgical procedures often resolves as the body’s natural processes lead to healing.

However, sometimes, pain does not resolve and becomes a constant part of daily life, causing both physical and psychological distress. It can be particularly upsetting when there is no obvious cause and no immediate remedy. Regardless of its source, chronic pain can lead to decreased daily function and psychological suffering including depression, anxiety and anger.

ECU Health pain management specialists work with you to explore solutions for pain relief. We treat patients of all ages, from teenagers to seniors, using interventional pain management targeting the exact site of your pain. We’ll first talk with you and your primary doctor and perform a medical exam to fully understand your background with pain.

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Why ECU Health Pain Management?

We will examine your pain from every angle. If the pain is coming from your back, a back and spine specialist will help determine your plan of care. If it’s nerve-related pain, a neurologist will be involved. Our list of specialists is long, and we’ll do what it takes to create a tailored treatment plan just for you.

Sometimes medications used to help control pain put people at risk of addiction. Your health care team will fully explain proper use, medication benefits and addiction risks before you begin any medication regimen.

ECU Health offers many treatment options for pain management. From nerve blocks and spinal injections to surgical procedures and physical therapy, or even psychological services like biofeedback – it’s all about determining what is right for you.

There are numerous community resources for people struggling with chronic pain. We’ll put you in touch with those groups.