A passion for helping.

Latasha Williams’ energy never runs out. Her enthusiasm for helping her rehab patients reach their goals and accomplish small tasks — ones that most people take for granted, like holding a fork — keeps her ready for each new day. She channels that enthusiasm and never-ending energy into the care that she gives her patients at ECU Health Medical Center.

Nurse Latasha Roberson works with a patient.

Helping Patients Take the Next Step

From a young age, Williams recognized her natural passion for helping people. With an initial dream of becoming a doctor, she found herself continually inspired by her mother, a nurse. It wasn’t long before Williams decided to follow in her mom’s footsteps. Now, as an RN working with rehab patients, Williams’ passion is fulfilled, day in and day out, by watching her patients progress by leaps and bounds from serious injury or illness. She relishes her role as a patient’s final step before going home.

“ECU Health Produces Great Nurses”

From her position on the Inspection Control Committee, observing how other units within the hospital work, to the constant presence of nursing students, Williams appreciates the way ECU Health works to prepare employees for their next role. “We have a lot of instructors with students that come through,” Williams says. “I love the fact that ECU Health continues to allow that to happen. Without that, we wouldn’t continue to have the great nurses that we have.” Williams says this continuing commitment to developing employees in every stage of their career is one of the many things that makes ECU Health a great place to work.