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We are proud to highlight the team members, patients and stories that make the communities we serve so special. This series is designed to keep community members informed and up-to-date on all things ECU Health. From how we prepare to keep you safe to special connections between team members and patients, ECU Health News is here to tell inspiring and informative stories. See a selection from the series below.

Local runner, wife recall cardiac arrest during road race

Tony Parker has always been an active runner and has long supported the Greenville running and biking community. When he collapsed near the finish line of a 5K road race due to cardiac arrest, quick action saved his life.

Tony was scheduled to run the half marathon that morning back in March of 2021, but backed down to the 5K after his knee started bothering him. It also gave him the chance to run alongside his wife, Delia. It turned out to be a life-saving choice.

“If it weren’t for Delia and the fact that she knows CPR, I wouldn’t be here today,” Parker said.

Doctor and nurse share unique bond, respect after life-saving encounter

Abby Coderre was a sophomore at East Carolina University when she needed surgery for a mass in her thoracic cavity. Dr. Aundrea Oliver’s colleague received the call about her situation, but couldn’t perform the diagnostic procedure on her, so Dr. Oliver was asked to step in.

After an eight-hour surgery and a two-and-a-half year chemotherapy regimen, Abby rang the bell to signify the end of her cancer treatment in November 2021. Now, Abby is a pediatric nurse working at ECU Health.

“To see her become this wonderful, exciting, vibrant caring woman and to go from being a happy college student to a mature individual – that gives in a way that I can only hope for is impressive,” Dr. Oliver said.

Travel Staffing Program benefits ECU Health Nurses, communities

Suzanne Foster isn’t the only nurse who found herself looking for new and different opportunities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I wanted to try travel, nursing and experience other facilities,” said Foster, “but I have a husband and a son that I dearly love and do not want to be away from. The fact that I can drive home at night is huge.”

She can do both thanks to the ECU Health Travel Staffing program. It’s an innovative approach to recruiting driven by the ever-changing health care industry and the need to meet nurses where they are.

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