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Roanoke Rapids, N.C. – ECU Health North Hospital is bringing comprehensive care close to home with its newest service providing advanced diagnostics through a mobile PET/CT service that began Feb. 2, 2023. PET/CT scans help diagnose different conditions such as cancer, heart disease and brain disorders while improving patient comfort.

“ECU Health North is proud to invest in our patients and care teams by bringing advanced mobile PET/CT services closer to home for our patients,” said Jason Harrell, president, ECU Health North Hospital. “We serve a vast rural area where access to high-quality, specialized care may be many miles away. Innovative technology like the combined PET/CT scan will allow our team to more conveniently create personalized treatment plans for each patient.”

Providers are able to perform the combined scans simultaneously in the same machine, eliminating the need for separate visits while reducing the time needed for scans.

A patient prepares for an MRI.

Without this advanced technology, providers traditionally must overlay images of a patient’s individual CT scan and PET scan, which is less efficient than the combined scans offered by this new technology. Combined PET/CT scans take both scans of the patient in the same position for a higher level of accuracy to detect the presence and spread of illness or disease.

“The combined PET/CT scan allows us to more quickly diagnose health issues such as tumors or heart conditions so that we may begin treatment as soon as possible,” said Dr. Sandeep Pandit, Hematology/Oncology, ECU Health North Hospital. “We know early intervention gives patients a higher chance of survival and recovery, and having the PET/CT service available locally will help us improve quality of life of our patients while they undergo diagnosis, treatment and recovery.”

The mobile PET/CT service is the first PET scan and CT scan service for the Roanoke Rapids area. The mobile service is in partnership with Alliance Imaging and will be on ECU Health North Hospital’s campus every other Thursday from 8-11 a.m. Patients who receive a referral from their provider can schedule an appointment by calling 252-535-8888.