Campus Parking

At ECU Health Medical Center, we want to ensure that our patients, their families and our visitors have immediate access to health care. A major part of this access is providing adequate and close parking to the hospital.

The parking needs of our team members are also a priority.

Our parking plan for team members is based on a “zoned” structure. The campus is divided into East and West parking zones. The dividing line is Moye Blvd.

Parking at ECU Health Medical Center will continue to evolve as the campus grows.

Parking Permits & Distribution

Free parking is a benefit of employment. All ECU Health Medical Center team members, medical residents, physicians, allied health professionals, volunteers and students will be required to register their vehicle(s) and display a valid parking permit.

Parking stickers are color-coded. Blue and teal parking permits identify team members who work on the West side of campus; gold permits are for those working on the East side of campus. Red permits are used for Doctor’s Park and the approved vicinity. New team members receive parking permits during orientation.

Bus Service

Campus bus service schedules are outlined below.

Green Route The Green Route runs from 5:00 am to 8:00 am and 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm. The Green Route provides service for the West side of the ECU Health Medical Center Campus including parking lots B-1, B-2, B-3
and B-4.

Red Route The Red Route runs from 5:00 am to Midnight and serves all stops in the C-2 (Employee Wellness Center) Lot as well as the Helipad and Day Rehab.

Red Direct Route The Red Direct Route operates 5:00 am to Midnight. It provides direct service between the C-2 Wellness Lot at Bus Stop #3 and ECHI.

Team members are encouraged to use the crosswalk at the intersection of Moye and Main Boulevards when walking to and from work. Please make every effort to be at the stop when the bus arrives in order to keep everything on schedule.

Night Shift

An assigned parking lot (B2 on the map), close to the hospital, is available for team members who arrive between Midnight and 5:00 am. Those working from 11:00 pm – 7:00 am may still park in the E-2 and E-3 visitors’ lots and must have their tickets validated.


All resident and advanced practice providers parking will be located in B1.

Disability Parking

To ensure our disabled visitors and patients have adequate parking, team members with either a permanent or temporary disability must complete an application to get a handicap parking sticker. This application requires your manager’s approval, your personal physician’s signature and clearance from Occupational Health. Once you have completed this application process, ECU Health Medical Center Parking Management will give you an additional decal to attach to your parking sticker. This will allow you to park in a handicap parking space in your designated lot.

Please note: State-issued hang tags alone will no longer be valid on ECU Health Medical Center property. Team members will need to have both a ECU Health Medical Center parking sticker and a ECU Health Medical Center-issued handicap parking decal.

EAHEC Parking

EAHEC guests will park in Lot A2. For a listing of EAHEC events and parking availability, log onto

Special Clearance Requests

Special clearance is required any time you are on campus and park outside your designated parking area. This includes parking in the visitor lots when visiting family and friends or if you are a patient. To request temporary parking, call 252-847-5376 and leave your name, department name, car make and model and your license plate number. After three days a temporary parking pass should be obtained.


Your safety is our main concern. Please use pedestrian sidewalks and crosswalks, and call ECU Health Medical Center police at 252-847-8568 for escorts when needed. Please be aware of the Police Assistance stations located throughout the campus. Pressing the red button will allow the police dispatcher to know where you are.


The parking policy will be enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays. Team members who violate parking regulations will be subject to fines and, in some cases, disciplinary action.
Unregistered vehicle – $75
Unapproved employee parking in visitor lots – $100
Handicap parking violations – $75
Permit not displayed – $75
Permit improperly displayed – $10
A complete list of fines can be found in the Police and Parking policy (Chapter 96) for ECU Health Medical Center on the Intranet.


Special clearance, 252-847-5376
Disability parking, 252-847-4386
Questions or concerns, 252-847-5376