What to expect while you are here.

We are committed to creating a positive experience for you, from the moment you arrive. You can expect a warm welcome and answers to all of your questions. We aim to make your time with us as comfortable as possible.

On the Day of Your Surgery

Arrival and Welcome

Plan to arrive at least one hour before your surgery time, although your physician may request an even earlier arrival. You’ll be greeted by our receptionist and connected to an admissions counselor who will review your paperwork and check your photo ID one last time.

Check-in with your Health Care Team

Before surgery, your nurse will review your chart, ask a few important questions, and prepare you for surgery. Let your nurse know if you are cold. Staying warm lowers your risk of infection. Also, please let us know if you’re not feeling well or have been sick recently. Your physician may decide to postpone surgery until you’re feeling better.

Before surgery, an anesthesiologist will visit with you to review your health history and prior experiences with anesthesia. Tell your anesthesiologist if you have diabetes or high blood sugar so we can take extra precautions. (People with high blood sugar are at higher risk of infection.) The anesthesiologist may prescribe medications in advance of surgery to help with relaxation, nausea or heartburn.

Preventing Infection

We take extraordinary precautions to prevent risks for infection. Here’s what you can expect of our team:

  • We will always wash our hands before caring for you
  • A nurse might clean your skin at the surgical site with a special soap that kills germs and also remove hair at the site with clippers
  • You may be given an antibiotic right before surgery
  • Your surgery team will perform a surgical scrub of their hands and forearms immediately before starting

While You Wait

We welcome family and friends at ECU Health SurgiCenter. To make your experience as comfortable as possible, we provide:

  • A family-friendly waiting area with a large-screen television and surround sound
  • A lounge with complimentary coffee, a selection of snacks and a microwave
  • Wireless internet access
  • Computer terminal access
  • A courtesy phone