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ECU Health leaders joined Care4Carolina, a coalition of organizations across North Carolina working together with the goal of bringing affordable health care to North Carolinians, for a Medicaid expansion event March 18. Partners from Pitt County Community College, Pitt County Social Services, and local representatives and leaders teamed up to bring Medicaid registration resources to local community members.

Health care access and delivery in rural areas often differ significantly from their urban counterparts, and this reality is apparent in eastern North Carolina. Every year, approximately 140,000 individuals turn to ECU Health Medical Center for emergency department services alone. Historically, uninsured patients have sought primary care in emergency departments due to their inability to afford preventive care. Medicaid expansion holds promise in bridging the gap, connecting people in the East and beyond with essential preventive and primary care services, ensuring their well-being is prioritized before the need for high-acuity care.

ECU Health COO Brian Floyd speaks at a Care4Carolina Medicaid expansion event at Pitt Community College.

With 40 percent of Americans residing in rural areas, ECU Health plays a crucial role in providing care to some of the region’s most medically vulnerable individuals through its network of nine hospitals and 185 primary and specialty care clinics across eastern North Carolina.

Brian Floyd, chief operating officer of ECU Health, said partnerships are among the most important elements in delivering health care to the community.

“ECU Health has been a strong proponent of Medicaid expansion for six years,” Floyd said. “It is a necessary component to solve the complexities of rural health care delivery. Medicaid expansion allows us to have the resources to continue to invest in our communities and help us render high-quality care to those most in need. We finally have reached the point where historic access to Medicaid is available, and it becomes incumbent upon all of us to encourage everyone eligible to sign up to transform their lives. I want to thank the General Assembly for taking a bold step to move us forward in taking care of the people in our communities.”

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