Add years to your life, one step at a time.

The evidence based Exercise is Medicine program has been proven to treat many chronic conditions.

Our exercise professionals work in conjunction with your provider to prescribe an exercise plan best suited to your health condition. No membership is required for this 8-week program, however program fees apply. A provider referral is requested, please call 252-847-9908.

A man exercises at a Wellness Center.

EIM for Joint Health

Prepare for or recover from knee, hip, shoulder or back surgery. The right exercise program may even prevent or delay the need for surgery.

A group of women in a weight management class.

EIM for Weight Management

Exercise experts can help you reach your weight-loss goal by providing the tools and support needed for success.

A provider listens to the heart and lungs of a patient.

EIM for Hearts & Lungs

Heart disease and shortness of breath are scary, but inactivity worsens the situation. Let us guide you in the proper way to exercise so you can live your best life.

A provider discusses a care plan with a patient.

EIM for Cancer Care

Exercising during and after cancer treatment can improve outcomes. Our exercise specialists are specially trained in exercise for cancer recovery and survivorship.

An older woman tries to get herself off the ground after falling.

EIM to Prevent Falls

Whether you have Parkinson’s, a nerve disorder or your balance and coordination aren’t what they used to be, regular exercise can make you safer and stronger.

A provider discusses a prescription with a patient.

EIM for Diabetes & High Blood Pressure

Exercise is an essential part of the treatment plan for these and many other conditions. Learn how to exercise safely to not just survive but to thrive.

A woman eats a balanced breakfast.


ECU Health Lifestyle Medicine has licensed nutrition experts to provide a nutrition assessment and personalized eating plan. Combining nutrition and exercise is the best approach to long term success.

A woman gets ready for a yoga class.

Lifestyle Medicine Clinic

Our lifestyle providers and care team work in conjunction with your primary care and specialist providers to provide a comprehensive lifestyle care plan designed to prevent or treat conditions through lifestyle.