Focusing on your well-being.

A woman participates in an exercise class at an ECU Health Wellness Center.

There are many areas of life that can affect our well-being. These areas impact how we feel, how we see the world, and how well we can cope with problems.

ECU Health is here to support your well-being. Think about the seven areas listed here as they relate to your life. In this section, learn more about ECU Health’s commitment to eastern North Carolina’s health and well-being through our Well-being Programs and Well-being Zone. Navigate through the sections below to find help for each well-being area.

Well-being areas

Making sure I have healthy feelings about myself and other people so I can be strong and ready for both joys and problems.

Feeling safe to be myself with other people and enjoying friends.

Learning and growing, gaining new skills with activities I like.

Giving my body healthy food, exercise, sleep, and health care.

Building healthy settings at work and at home and spending enough time with nature.

Feeling satisfied and in control of my income or savings.