Your insights will enhance our services.

We strive to constantly improve. To help make that happen, we turn to those most affected by the way we work — patients and families. Your perspectives are as valuable to patient care as our clinical team’s training and experience.

ECU Health embraces patient- and family-centered care and is committed to including patients and families in key decisions affecting not only an individual’s care but also policies, procedures, training and the entire culture of our health care system.

Specially trained patient and family advisors work across our system of care, volunteering time and sharing insights to help improve the patient experience, ensure effective communications, and inform decision-making. Patient and family advisors are consulted on building design and renovations, patient education materials, patient care processes, and more, making a difference that impacts all ECU Health entities. ECU Health’s patient and family advisors strive to:

  • Maintain patient privacy and confidentiality.
  • Support our mission.
  • Actively participate in improving care for all patients and families.
  • Listen to different opinions and share ideas and viewpoints.
  • Advocate for and listen to other patients, families, staff and community members.
  • Support positive relationships with our health system and members of the community.

Join the ECU Health Patient and Family Advisors

Interested patients/family members should email [email protected]. Your completed application — found below — will help us understand your interests and readiness to participate. A leadership representative will contact you with more details.