Our champions of children’s health, dedicated to the care of your child.

Our specially trained clinicians care for your child in environments designed with your child in mind. Pediatric specialists and nurses understand that children’s medical and emotional needs are unique. From prevention to critical care, we work together every day to create healthy futures for your child.

Provider Team

Maynard Children's Hospital care team members sit on with a patient and talk to one another.
Your child’s provider care team will include physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who are highly trained in an array of pediatric specialties. Dedicating their life’s work solely to the care of children, they stay on the cutting edge of the best pediatric treatment options to enhance your child’s health during their stay. Based on your child’s needs you may also be cared for by a variety of sub-specialty trained physicians in addition to your daily provider care team. Your primary pediatrician can stay connected to your child’s progress through electronic health records and communication with the provider team during your stay.

Nursing Team

A Maynard Children's Hospital team member plays with a patient during their visit to the hospital.
There is something special about the nurses and nursing assistants at ECU Health Maynard Children’s Hospital. You can see it in their tireless work ethic for the benefit of children. You can hear it in the compassionate way they speak up for and care about children and families. From the moment they enter the room, their energy and intelligence set them apart. They are professionals who excel in an environment focused on the care of your child. The nurses dedicate themselves to remaining on the cutting edge of specialized nursing care delivery through advanced certifications and continuing education focused specifically on the care of children like yours.

Administrative Team

A Maynard Children's Hospital team member puts a bracelet on a young patient while they both smile.
Behind the scenes of every hospital, there is a talented administrative team to ensure that processes run smoothly and supplies are always on hand. At Maynard Children’s Hospital, the administrative team also brings a special affinity for children’s health care to work every day. Their goal is to ensure that both you and your child have everything that you need throughout your child’s stay to ensure exceptional patient care and an exceptional experience from start to finish.

Child Life Specialists

Child life leverages all sorts of distractions and pain-relieving activities during your child's stay. One of our favorite activities is our weekly therapy dog visit.
Hospitalization can cause many different emotions for children and teens. At Maynard Children’s Hospital, our certified child life specialists are here to provide support and resources to help decrease the stress and anxiety of a hospital stay for your child and family. Child Life specialists help you and your child cope with the challenges of hospitalization, illness, injury and disability. As an integral part of the health care team, working alongside the medical care from clinicians, they focus on the mental, emotional and social needs of patients.

Respiratory Therapists

Under the direction of your child’s providers, respiratory therapists treat a range of patients, from premature infants whose lungs are not fully developed to high school students with breathing difficulties from pneumonia. They are an essential part of our care team and are here to help you navigate your child’s treatment course throughout your stay.

Allied Health Services

Beyond the clinical care of your child’s provider and nursing team, other health care professionals may be involved in your child’s hospital experience. Physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists, among others, are important to the recovery of many patients and will work at the direction of your child’s provider to achieve optimal health.

Case Management/Social Workers

Case managers and social workers serve on your child’s care team. They work closely with patients, families and other members of the medical team to coordinate your child’s discharge plan. These professionals also serve as the link between the hospital and your insurance company. They will advocate for your child and your family during every step of the care journey.

Lactation Specialists

A lactation consultant is trained to focus on the needs and concerns of breastfeeding and to prevent, recognize and solve breastfeeding difficulties. The lactation specialist supplements the care and attention of other care team members. Breastfeeding support is important to Maynard Children’s Hospital, and we strive to offer the resources to help you succeed with your breastfeeding goals.

Support Services

At Maynard Children’s Hospital, our patients benefit from a large team of people who work tirelessly to provide the support services that are essential to a quality hospital experience. From those in dietary who prepare kid-friendly meals and provide nutrition counsel to those in supply procurement and environmental services, our teams come to work every day to ensure your child has everything he or she needs while here.

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