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At Maynard Children’s Hospital, we provide compassionate, expert care to thousands of patients every year. Our patients come from all over eastern North Carolina. They have many different conditions and experience unique paths on their treatment journeys – but through it all they experience the same level of warm, family-centered care. Hear stories from patients, families and staff who have started or completed their care journey with us … each one a unique journey of courage, hope and inspiration.

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Hye-Jin Kim

Inspired by the birth of her own baby, violinist Hye-Jin Kim founded Lullaby Dreams to bring her musical gifts to other families at Maynard Children’s Hospital.

Blake Collie

Eight-year-old Blake is the survivor of a brain aneurysm. After 48 days in the PICU and Pediatric Rehab, Blake went home and has had a remarkable recovery.

Major Woods

Major, a six-year old with B-Cell Leukemia loves Iron Man and is a true hero to us all. Learn more about Major’s story here.

Molly & Lucy Davis

Molly and Lucy Davis have been fighters since day one. Born at 24 weeks gestation and extremely premature, they have proven how strong preemies really are.

Caleb Woodley

Caleb defied all odds returning to play football after learning to walk again. A diagnosis of viral encephalitis and a nine-week stay in the PICU would not slow him down.

Mason Burnette

Mason, born at 22 weeks gestation, has demonstrated the will of a preemie to survive despite all odds stacked against him. Being one of the youngest babies to survive, he discharged home 131 days later on Christmas Eve and will steal your heart with one glance.

Marlene Stilley

Marlene, long-time nurse and assistant manager in the PICU, shares her story of what it means to be a nurse at Maynard Children’s Hospital and how our patients become family.

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