Developing tomorrow’s caregivers today.

To cultivate future team members and benefit our patients and communities for years to come, ECU Health Maynard Children’s Hospital offers several clinical rotation or educational programs for students pursuing and completing degrees in nursing, advanced practice and child life professions. These programs help students satisfy their educational and certification requirements.

Child Life Internships and Practicums

A Child Life playroom is shown at Maynard Children's Hospital.

Maynard Children’s Hospital offers child life internships to students during the fall and spring semesters each year. Internship programs are 16 weeks, 40 hours per week, with 600 minimum hours. Early application is recommended.

During the summer semester, Maynard Children’s Hospital offers child life practicums. Practicum programs are five weeks for a total of 120 home.

We follow the Association of Child Life Professionals’ guidelines for the internship application process. Please refer to the ACLP website. To learn more about ECU Health’s Child Life internships and practicums, click here.

New Graduate RN Residency Program

Our New Graduate RN Residency Program provides a valuable opportunity for nursing graduates to transition from academics to practice by applying the concepts, care methods and care coordination principles they learn in the classroom to direct patient care. It includes both hands-on and classroom-based learning content on clinical and professional topics, and specifically on pediatric nursing.

Advanced Practice Provider Practicums

For graduate students pursuing a career in advanced practice — such as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, a clinical practicum provides a high-quality, real world experience to help meet required educational goals and prepare for the professional role.