When your child is admitted to the hospital.

With the latest technologies and a highly trained team here to care for your child, we have created an environment just for kids. Your child will receive care in one or more of our specialized units, focused specifically on the type of care your child needs. With a total of 197 beds and bassinets, we strive to provide not only the clinical care your child needs but also comfortable accommodations and surroundings.

Featured Areas

Specialized units focus on providing the right environment for your child’s disease process while maintaining focus on both the child and family’s experience within the space. Based on your child’s disease process, they may spend time in one or all of the units throughout the course of their stay.

Neonatal ICU (NICU)

With 71 beds, our Level IV neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is staffed with a team of experts in caring for critically ill or premature newborns. Board-certified neonatologists and specialists, advanced practice practitioners and specially trained nurses provide expertise, compassion and support to help achieve the best possible outcomes for your newborn, you and your family.

Pediatric ICU (PICU)

Our team of board-certified pediatric intensivists, advanced practice practitioners and highly skilled nurses, technologists and therapists are specially trained to care for critically ill infants, children and young adults in our pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). Through generous community donations, we recently completed a renovation to the PICU. Enhancements to the environment help promote healing and offer the comforts of home, even while in intensive care.

Pediatrics General and Intermediate

Infants, children and teens not requiring intensive care may receive treatment in one of our general and intermediate pediatric care units. Health issues ranging from respiratory issues to injury to cardiac or gastrointestinal concerns and requiring inpatient care can be addressed here in our 38-bed unit. Two distinct locations provide child-friendly accommodations for both children with acute and chronic conditions including the Kids Immunosuppressed Specialty Unit (KISU) designed to promote routine activities in a safe space for children with immune deficiencies. Interdisciplinary teams of pediatric hospitalists, pediatric specialty physicians, pediatric nurses and allied health teams partner together to provide exceptional care for your child throughout their hospital stay.

Multi-level NICU

For infants requiring intermediate care shortly after birth or transitioning out of the NICU, our 21-bed multi-level NICU provides a private setting to promote an easier transition to home once your child has completed his or her hospital stay. A team of skilled providers including Neonatologists, advanced practice practitioners and specialty trained nurses focus not only on the care of your child but also on ensuring each parent has the skills needed to transition to home.

Pediatric Rehabilitation

After an illness or injury, your child may receive additional inpatient rehabilitation care to help him or her return to daily activities. Physical, occupational and speech therapists help children regain strength and range of motion and recover mobility and functionality that may have been affected. Located adjacent to the main Maynard Children’s Hospital, the inpatient pediatric rehabilitation center maintains the child-friendly sea theme and promotes family interactions throughout every step of the rehabilitation processes.