Imaging services designed especially for children.

A pediatric patient gets ready during a radiological appointment.
The Children’s Radiology area provides the latest technologies and imaging services for infants, children and teens, including ultrasound and diagnostic imaging such as X-rays and fluoroscopy. Based on your child’s care needs, our physicians have access to a full array of imaging technologies to facilitate diagnosis and treatment planning. Pediatric radiologists review and interpret every image and scan, providing expertise to help you and your child’s doctors make the best decisions about care.

Phone Number: 252-847-4485
Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
How to Make an Appointment: Walk-ins welcome. Fluoro cases need an appointment.

Child Life Specialists

To assist in providing family-centered care throughout Children’s Radiology, a child life specialist (CLS) will focus on preparation, medical play, child-friendly language, distraction and parental involvement prior to and during your child’s imaging procedure. The CLS helps children and families cope with anxieties and fear associated with these procedures.

Diversion Therapy

For children, staying still for radiology procedures can be challenging and stressful. To reduce the use of sedatives, diversion therapy will allow your child to be transported virtually to a world outside of the radiology space, reducing fear and providing an opportunity for worry-free procedures.