Dedicated to helping children reach their potential.

A preschool age girl with a prosthetic leg is at a medical appointment. The child is meeting with her physical therapist. The child is sitting on the floor building with wooden toy blocks. The medical professional is sitting on the floor assisting the girl.

We provide evaluation and specialized treatment for infants, children and teens with developmental, learning or behavioral concerns. Care with us includes advanced evaluations, evidence-based treatment recommendations and planning, behavioral medication management, and recommendations for further assessment or additional therapies. Our services include specialized psychological and psychiatric support for children.

Your child’s medical doctor may request an evaluation by a child and adolescent psychiatrist to identify a diagnosis and provide treatment recommendations. A psychologist is also available to see pediatric patients. Outside of the hospital, the East Carolina University Physicians Psychiatric Outpatient Center provides cost-effective mental health treatment for children and families.

Phone Number: 252-744-4169
How to Make an Appointment: New patients require a referral

Additional Specialties

Developmental and Behavioral services at ECU Health Maynard Children’s Hospital include other programs and services to meet the focused needs of your child.

Pediatric Psychiatric Support

Maynard Children’s Hospital provides a variety of resources and support for children facing all types of mental disorders and challenges. In the inpatient and emergency department setting this includes interactions with a licensed family therapist, pediatric psychiatrists and child life specialists. Outpatient support through ECU Psychiatry Services are also available.

ECU Developmental Psychology Clinic

The East Carolina University Developmental Psychology Clinic is a valuable source of developmental evaluation and care for children, adolescents, and families managing a wide range of issues at home and school.

Adolescent Care

Specialized care for male and female adolescents ages 11 to 25 is available through our partners at ECU Adolescent Medicine. They provide care to meet the focused physical, emotional, and supportive needs of this age group.